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Michele Cafaggi in 2016 it was awarded at ITALIAN NATIONAL AWARD FRANCO ENRIQUEZ like best Clown, actor and mime:

"His theater and its bubbles full of poetry capture the young and old eyes and heart, his shows are always elegant, entrancing, exciting, rich in clowning, they are the result of deep research and an achieved mime-actor maturity. His art is often available to charity events on behalf of children, we remember his work at the Theodora Foundation Onlus, for which he plays on the role Dr. Dream at the pediatric wards, as a great example of social and civil responsability.

Selected at International Performing Arts For Youth for North America: "IPAY Showcase 2017 Official Spotlight Selection"
Selected like Variety Artist in Kulturboerse Freiburg 2017





NEWS 2017:


"UPWIND" air, clouds and soap bubbles more info


  • Overture

    A bubble calssic, born on 2003, still on tour. More than 1000 replicas around the world

    Conductor without orchestra,musician without instruments...

    more info

  • Omino

    Uno spettacolo nato nel 2012 di magia, clownerie e strani attrezzi per fare bolle di sapone.

    "Fantasy is a place where it rains inside" I.Calvino

    more info

  • Concerto in Si Be-Bolle

    An exploding Grand Piano and two eccentric musicians on stage.

    Suitable for big stages

    more info

  • A Terrific Tempest

    2015 production, experimental numbers with soap bubbles and many fun comic situations

    A Castaway, an island of plastic waste and two bizarre creatures that live there ...

    more info


Michele Cafaggi is an italian Clown and Actor. He is based in Milano, Italy, but he works on international circuits.

He studied in Italy and in France, and he has studied for many years to develop theatrically the giant bubbles technique.

Since 1993, he works around the world, collaborating with theatres, youth aggregation centers, retirement homes, jails, schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

With his shows he worked across 4 continents and 20 country,

Available for performing on the Street, in Theatres, Televisions, Gala and where there is the pleasure to meet the audience.

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