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  • Ouverture des saponettes”

  • a concert for soap bubbles

  • The show begins …… who is the guy with the smock? He says he is the conductor!

    But his instruments do not play music! And now what is he doing? He turns into a cat? Look, a rose has appeared from the trumpet! Hey … it’s damp here … bunches of bubbles are raining down. Oh no, he calls me, he kidnaps me, were is he taking me? Everything looks round … I’ve ended up in soap bubbleeeeeeeeee……………..

    An eccentric conductor will take you into the fragile and round world of soap bubbles. A “concert” where the unexpected is always waiting in ambush; from odd instruments giant bubbles appear, bouncing bubbles, portable bubbles, bunches of bubbles, while the “chubby” people will be able to enter into a giant bubble.

    A show of clownery, mime and music, which, born for the children, ends up charming audiences of all ages.

    About 1500 representation.

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  • by and with: Michele Cafaggi

    directed by: Davide Fossati

    duration 65 minutes

    production: Studio TA-DAA! 2003