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Gli StraOrdinari!

Tribute to Stradivari

Violins, tumbles and soap bubbles

whit Michele Cafaggi and The Allegro Moderato Orchestra

    The Extraordinary are:

    Michele Cafaggi, who has been playing for over twenty years around the world with clown and soap bubbles show and seven musicians from the Allegro Moderato Musical and Orchestra School in Milan: Elisa Francese, Kristian Kostov and Pasquale Prestinice To the violin, Chiara Cerrai and Matilde Volpi to the cello, Alessandro Robbiati to the double bass, orchestral reworking, conducting and piano: M ° Christian Mascheroni




    AllegroModerato is aimed at people with mental, mental and physical fragility by promoting a musical formation that activates and develops emotional, cognitive and relational energies and skills.

    The exercise of musical work offers the opportunity to organize thought, to manage emotions and relationships, to re-elaborate your inner world and to share it with awareness



    • Presented for the first time at Museo del Violino of Cremona (Italy) Stradivari Festival 2016