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  • Upwind! air, cloud and soap bubbles

    “It's not difficult depart against the wind, but if anything without a greeting” I.Fossati (Lindbergh)

    Today is a big party in the Theatre! It's 15 july 1913 and on stage there is a beautiful biplane, all built entirely by our hero Aviator, after a short speech will leave for the Great Adventure!

    Among the skepticism of some and the enthusiasm of others our hero will rise soon in flight and will take us to unknown worlds, wonderful and far, maybe too far away ...

    Gusts of wind, soft and foamy clouds, big soap bubbles will accompany us on a journey beyond the land borders, in the company of our hero Aviator

    A modern Icarus, frightened and brave, reckless and clumsy, but determined to achieve his targets means having to sacrifice the things dearest to him.

    Dedicated to all dreamers, more or less heroic, who have never left unturned.

    by and with: Michele Cafaggi

    original music: Marco Castelli

    directed by: Ted Luminarc

    scenography: Officine Cervino

    graphyc and illustrations: Izumi Fuijwara , Stefano Turconi

    duration 55 minutes

    production: Studio TA-DAA! 2016