Michele Cafaggi Bubble Theatre
Concerto in Si Be-Bolle

Concerto in Si Be-Bolle

Concerto in Si Be-Bolle

Solo with Trio for Grand Piano and Soap Bubbles

An eccentric pianist takes the stage with the excitement and tension of great occasions. Finally, after years of studying, he will be able to perform in front of an audience in a real theater. But the unexpected is lurking and due to unlikely accidents, fortuitous encounters and twists, things will not go exactly as planned …

A real concert that accompanies dreamy dances of soap bubbles of all shapes and sizes. A visual theater show for any kind of public, suitable for big stages. Davide Baldi and Federico Caruso composed the pieces performed in the show: contemporary music with jazz inspirations. They play live piano and clarinet, but being multi-instrumental musicians they also use accordion, guitar, percussion and some passages of electronic music.

The show debuted in 2012 in the MiTo SettembreMusica Festival at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan.

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