Michele Cafaggi Bubble Theatre
Controvento Upwind

Controvento Upwind

Controvento-Upwind Story of air, clouds and soap bubbles

Today is a great day of celebration at the theater!
It is the 15th July 1913 and here is on stage a beautiful Biplane entirely built by our Aviator himself who, after a short speech, will leave for the Great Adventure! Among the skepticism of some and the enthusiasm of others, our Hero will rise soon in flight and will take us to unknown worlds, wonderful and far, maybe too far away ...

Gusts of wind, soft and foamy clouds, gigantic soap bubbles will take us on a journey beyond the borders of the earth, in the company of our Hero Aviator. A modern Icarus, frightened and courageous, reckless and bungler, but determined to carry out his purposes at the cost of having to sacrifice the things most dear to him a show
dedicated to all dreamers, more or less heroic, who have never left anything unturned.

“Upwind” is the last solo show by Michele Cafaggi, a clown and actor who has been working for many years
with the soap bubble technique. Each show is born from a research on techniques, objects and stories to tell.

magic, clowning, soap bubbles and circus arts come together to give life to shows of refined entertainment suitable for any kind of public.

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