Michele Cafaggi Bubble Theatre
Overture des Saponettes

Overture des Saponettes

Overture des Saponettes a concert for soap bubbles

Conductor without orchestra, musician without instruments, breathless singer.

An anomalous concert, for frail thoughts, for light thoughts, for silent thoughts.

As soap bubbles.

Hey look, the show begins ... who's the one with the smock? He says he's the conductor! But his instruments do not play music! And now what is he doing? Is he turning into a cat? Look, a rose has appeared from the trumpet! Hey.. it’s damp here.. bunches of bubbles are raining down. Oh no, he calls me, he kidnaps me, were is he taking me? Everything looks round ... I’ve ended up in soap bubble!

An eccentric conductor will take you into the frail and round world of soap bubbles. A ”concert “ where the unexpected is always waiting in ambush; from odd instruments giant bubbles appear, bouncing bubbles, portable bubbles, bunches of bubbles, and where the “rounder” people will be able to enter into a giant bubble.

A visual story without words that draws inspiration from the circus and variety atmospheres, a magical show of clowning, pantomime and music that, born for the little ones, ends up enchanting audiences of any age

The show currently has more than 1000 reruns, was born in 2003 and was presented for the first time at the “Leonardo da Vinci” Museum of Science and Technology in Milan as part of the activities organized by the scientific soap bubbles laboratory.
It has been represented in national and international theaters and festivals (France, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, Japan, China, South Korea), in kindergarten, science museums, casinos, variety shows and grand gala.

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